Friday Fun: Swimming Pools

Just as the weather gets grey and miserable, I have a craving for outdoor pools. This is what comes of not having been on a beach in summer for 4 years…

Infinity pool with the sea beyond it, what more could one wish? From Pinterest
Extravagant architectural statement from Mexico, from
Infinity pool above the jungle canopy, from One Kindesign.
More of a paddling pool, but with Tunisian tradition to it, from
Pool with a jungle feel to it, in your own back yard, from Fitz and Huxley.
Hammock, plants and pool in a more geometric design, from Pinterest.
Our neighbours in France had a pool that lit up at night, so this is a dream of mine… From Pinterest

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Swimming Pools”

  1. oh goodness, I can choose only one?? I’m torn between the infinity pool in the jungle (just make sure there are no snakes anywhere near me) and the Tunisian dip pool

  2. They’re all beautiful, Marina Sofia! I think my choice would be that lovely Tunisian-style pool. I could see relaxing there with a book….

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