Friday Fun: Staircases

What I liked instantly about the house I am living in now was the generously proportioned hallway and staircase with gallery. This is a rarity in the UK, where hallways tend to be narrow, dark and cramped. Although I never got round to renovating the hallway, here are some ideas for when I do have that time and money.

Simple but effective ascending shades of colour, from
The colour on the walls might be a bit too dark, but you can’t deny the strong statement this makes, from
I love patterned tiles, although I’ve taken a tumble on tiled or marble stairs and cannot recommend them. From a house in Bordeaux, from
Now for the more aspirational, looking like a 1930s film set, just waiting for Greta Garbo to waft in. From ArchitectureArtDesigns
Another chateau-inspired effort, from
A lot of staircase for a relatively small amount of space, from Behind Closed Doors.
More of a museum or public building statement staircase, but I wouldn’t mind the intricate  metalwork, from ArchitectureArtDesigns

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Staircases”

  1. Good timing on your part since we are about to do an upgrade on our hallway and need some inspiration. Like you I can’t be doing with staircases that are stone or tiled but since my husband has issues with balance we also have to avoid polished wood. Not many options left!

  2. I love these staircases, Marina Sofia! I’m adding my vote to the first one. That teal is gorgeous! That’s actually my favourite colour, so it’s lovely to see it used that way.

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