Friday Fun: Hallways to Feel Welcome

When I looked at staircases a couple of weeks ago, I started wondering whether some of those hallways were truly welcoming or simply statement pieces. In this week’s batch of inspiration, it’s not the staircase that is the star, but the way you feel as you walk in through the door.

Elegant in black and white in France, from Elle Decoration.
Sober period piece with charming tiles, in Bordeaux. From
Laid back and slightly cluttered, from Australia. From
Making the most of the rather dark space through amazing tiling. From Instagram.
That door, those tiles… to die for! From
Most of the above have been traditional hallways, but here we finally have a modern, colourful take on it. From
Last but not least, the country look, from

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hallways to Feel Welcome”

  1. Hmm..

    Hmmm…Where is the one cluttered with school bags and shoes and whatever else my lot just seemed to throw down as they walk through the door

  2. These really are warm and welcoming, Marina Sofia! I like them all, but simply cannot resist that lovely teal door and that pretty rug in the last one – the country look.

  3. All the halls are welcoming, most with light streaming in. But the modernhomefurniture one is my fave–deceptively simple means, but so cheery.

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