Friday Fun: Urban Gardens

After attending my beekeeping classes, I’ve realised just how important even the tiniest of urban gardens are (as well as big trees in parks) for keeping the bee population alive and thriving in our cities. In many cases, the bees are better off in the urban environment, because there are fewer pesticides than in the countryside. 

Balcony on Ile St Louis, Paris, from
Quick, cheerful and cheap option, from
Garden in Rome, from
Penthouse garden in NYC, from Laurel B. Interiors
The more DIY approach to rooftop gardens from Germany, from
Why not a house surrounded by a garden and koi pond, like this Nagasaki home, from Pinterest.
Disuses railway lines have been transformed into promenades in a number of cities, including the Highline Promenade in NYC.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Urban Gardens”

  1. I really like them all but the one I’d most like the pots on my rusty fire escape (!) to look like is the Rome one. In the summer we had lots of bumble bee visitors to my little patch of plants and it gladdened my heart 🙂

  2. There’s a lot of research that associates urban gardens (including rooftop gardens) with better health, a lower carbon imprint, and a lot of other good things. I’m glad you’re featuring them here, Marina Sofia. My choice is the first one – how lovely! – but they’re all appealing.

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