Friday Fun: Tasty Conversions

But not always tasteful… Perhaps it’s overindulging on all those Christmas treats… Have a great end to 2018 and may 2019 be gentle with us!

Churches are always very popular conversions – and who doesn’t want a rosette window? From
Another church conversion – perfect if you don’t mind the heating bills… From
Austrian barn conversion by Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten, from
This barn or farmhouse takes conversion perhaps a little too far for my taste. From 
Converted oast houses abound in Kent, from The Telegraph.
Industrial conversions from the Victorian or Edwardian age are rather spacious – this is a former pump house. From
It’s the farmhouses that attract me every time, especially when skilfully blended with glass to let more light in. From

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tasty Conversions”

  1. On not such a grand scale, my mother lives in a converted chapel, which has been recently transformed, and we stay in the converted youth club next to it when we visit her. May 2019 be kind to us all indeed!

  2. The church conversions are impressive, Marina Sofia, but I think I’d choose the farmhouse. You know, it’s funny, Lilian Jackson Braun’s sleuth, Jim Qwilleran, lives in a converted apple barn…

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