Friday Fun: Emerge from Your Library?

Maybe not just yet, not when the libraries look so tempting…

This looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast, from Pinterest.
Library of the Waldsassen Monastery in Bavaria.
Victor Hugo’s library in his house in Guernsey.
A cosy fireplace and a cuddly pet are great accessories, from
And that is why I love high ceilings – designed by Luis Bustumante.
Books really bring colour to even the most neutral and airy of bedrooms, from Pinterest.
And if you can’t leave your books alone overnight, or need to recover after all the holiday eating, here is the sleep-in library from Mildred Slane.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Emerge from Your Library?”

  1. I know the others are all so grand, but I can’t help thinking it’s definitely the last one that’d pull me in! (Although maybe it’s just the draw of that bed and the thought of reading there for an eternity!)

  2. Oh, all of these are so irresistible, Marina Sofia! I just love them! If forced to choose, I’d go for that bedroom library. But I love the others, too.

  3. I love and follow your weekly house solutions, but on this one I disagree. Can I make a contrary comment? I’m a lifelong very avid reader, but decided years ago that keeping books in home libraries is sort of condemning them to a slow slow death. I do keep favourites for a few years, but find a way to give away – to schools, to refugee organisations, to send to Africa etc. – at least half my books every year….

    1. Maybe I’m quite acquisitive or else believe that books make me feel at home (I’ve moved house at least 25-30 times in my life). And of course I do give away quite a substantial chunk of my books every year. But there are always new ones coming in… I am also quite keen to share my library with others, and often lend books (with tragic disappearances as a consequence). If I had a library as grandiose as the first or second, I’d turn it into a proper lending library or use it for literary events.
      So no, my conscience is completely clear and bright!

  4. Stunning libraries! I like the last one in particular. Cosy and full of curiosities.

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