Friday Fun: The Small and the Cosy

When I’m not dreaming of chateaux or grandiose villas with libraries and terraces, I have a hankering for charming little cottages surrounded by flowers in bloom and verdant luxury. I’m not sure who’s supposed to do the gardening… although I can certainly admire the flowers and even dedicate a poem to them.

Rural French retreat, complete with its own bridge and stream, from mountainmausgarden.tumblr
English (Welsh?) cottage made all the more eccentric by the slope just outside, from Pinterest
The quintessential English Rose with thatched roof and white gate, from
Hobbity like cottage on the island of Sylt in Germany, from
Reminiscent of a shed or a teahouse, from
Traditional Romanian cottage, from
Authentic traditional house from the Gorj region in Romania, dating from 1802. From Muzeul Satului.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Small and the Cosy”

  1. Can I take all of them please??? If you force me to choose I think it would be the Romanian cottage. I’ve always been envious of people with verandas where they can snuggle up for a little afternoon reading and still get some fresh air

  2. These are all so warm and inviting, Marina Sofia! I love ’em. My choice is the teahouse, but it wasn’t an easy choice.

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