Friday Fun: European Housing

One of the reason why so many of my friends head back to mainland Europe after spending a few years in the UK is the housing. The average quality of housing tends to be much higher in most countries and things which are considered luxuries in the UK (and for which you have to pay a fortune) are pretty much par for the course there: mixed taps, tiles, wooden floors, double or triple glazing, large bathrooms and hallways. So here are some examples of houses we might choose to live in if we were in the EU.

Neat little conversion in Belgium,
Garden decking often comes as standard, as in this German example, from
The European version of pre-fab homes is the Huf Haus, from the company website.
Barn conversion on a very ambitious school, from
Another sober conversion in the Netherlands, from
Converted stables in Spain, from
Of course a nice conversion deserves an impressive hallway, as in this French example, from

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: European Housing”

  1. I know someone who has a Huf Haus in the UK and it’s gorgeous. So light and spacious. We measure property in rooms here whereas I believe most of the rest of Europe uses square metres. So much better

    1. You are so right – it’s the number of bedrooms that count here in the UK. I’ve often walked into a so-called five bedroom property to find that 2 of the bedrooms were so small, they were unusable.

  2. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia! I think my first choice would be the Belgian house. But all of them are really welcoming and they look very attractive.

    1. Ah, funny that you should ask: that was my one concern (and the insulation with all those windows), but I’ve seen examples with lots of bookcases. For example:

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