Seven Years of Writing and Blogging

I started writing and blogging almost simultaneously, not long after I moved to France and went to the Geneva Writers’ Group Conference in February 2012. I was so inspired by what I heard at that conference and by the people that I met that I decided I had to find my way back into writing. So I started this blog as a way of holding myself accountable and also for experimenting with different types of writing.

Image from Unsplash.

Well, in the seven years since, I could say that I’ve not done quite as much writing as I’d hoped – at least not writing leading to actual outputs and publications. I have of course written absolute oodles of blog posts instead, so much so that I’ve used up 87% of my allotted space over 1422 posts.

Of course one might argue that it hasn’t been worth the effort. It has not lead to better or more consistent writing on either of my two semi-abandoned (or half-finished, if you are being kind) novels. It did help with my poetry at least in the earlier years, but inspiration seems to have dried up, so I’m hoarding those precious poems like a miser, in the hope I can get them published in a literary journal without them being turned down because they have been published on my blog. Nor has my blogging productivity been matched by vast numbers of followers. My most popular single post is disappointingly a collection of quotes which I happen to find inspirational, but containing nothing original at all (and requiring next to zero minutes to post). The second most popular post was the one I wrote about why I can’t watch The Handmaid’s Tale series – and that only got a total of 1724 views (although 776 of those were on the day I posted it), less than half of the ‘quotes’ one. Clearly, Instagram or Tumblr or things like that are the way to go if you are after popularity. I’m not, but far too much work goes into my blogging with little to show for it.

The rewards are intangible: the goodwill, the comments, the lively exchanges of ideas and the friends I have made. I do enjoy interacting with my regular readers and seeing what they are up to, what they are reading and writing.

Last but not least, blogging has become an essential part of my life, a sort of online diary. It has become much more about the books I read and the events I attend, but I still share the occasional rough draft or moan a bit about my personal life. I also enjoy indulging in a bit of escapism via photos once a week. I don’t know what I’ll do when I reach the storage limit. But, for now, happy 7th birthday, Little Blog, you’re the same age as my cat!

34 thoughts on “Seven Years of Writing and Blogging”

  1. Happy Seventh birthday, indeed, and many happy returns, Marina! It’s always a pleasure to read your thoughtful posts and, of course, Friday Fun, particularly welcome in the gloom of winter.

  2. Happy 7th Birthday – I absolutely adore your blog. I love your writing, the vast array of books you put on offer for me to discover and the Friday fun posts that often have me drooling over libraries and places to live and write in. Although I don’t know you in the flesh, I can feel your personality seeping through your blog posts and you are someone who I find a pleasure to connect with. Have a peaceful Sunday.

    1. How lovely of you to say so: yes, if nothing else, the blog certainly reflects my personality and all of my *cough* varied interests. (Short attention span, more likely)

  3. Happy blog birthday Marina Sofia! Your blog is a bit older than mine which will also be 7 in November. I only planned to do it for a year!

    I really enjoy your blog, you write so engagingly about what you’ve read and events. And I look forward to Friday Fun too, it’s become part of my week 🙂

    1. Very happy forthcoming anniversary then, Madame Bibi! I too only meant to keep my blog going until I managed to publish my novel… so at this rate, I might be stuck with it for life!

  4. Happy 7th anniversary Marina. Always a pleasure to read your insiteful blogs and to share your perceptive vision of the colourful, well traveled world in which you live. So glad you haven’t caught the seven year itch which would lead you to stray……

  5. Happy 7th Birthday, Marina.
    Would you believe it, I never check my stats, but find it very Iinterssting to read about those of others. I sometimes find blogging can keep you from writing something else because one can get used to the instant gratification of blogging.

    1. I only check the stats on such momentous occasions as anniversaries or perhaps at the end of the year, but it’s amusing to see how far apart perception (or expectation) and reality often are.

      1. I think the more du jour a blog post is, or the more it looks like a list and has bite sized info, the more views it gets. I noticed that blogs with higher followers/views use that + pictures, Instagram etc. One could be very strategic about it all.

    1. You are so kind! Same here with your posts. And, unlike most other people, we had the chance to meet in person too, which makes it feel like you are writing me a personal letter…

  6. Whatever you do, don’t quit. I love your blog – it is constantly engaging, interesting and challenging. But I also want to see you published and buy your book so get on with that as well will you? No pressure.

  7. Congratulations and well done on seven years of interesting blogging, Marina Sofia! I’m impressed. I learn from your blog every time I visit, and I know just what you mean about the community of bloggers who become friends. Wishing you many more great blogging years.

  8. Happy seventh anniversary.
    I love reading your thoughts about books, reading, etc.
    Please keep the Friday Fun, I always enjoy the gorgeous pictures

    Thanks for being an ambassador of Romanian lit, these posts are unique.

    PS: Stats don’t matter, your community of regular reader does.

  9. Happy Seventh Marina! I’ll be catching you up later in the year. I’m now not sure really why I started the blog – just to connect with people about books I think. And it does that although my most popular posts do seem to be book hauls or gratuitous pictures of books! Anyway, I always enjoy what you post whether it’s poetry, flash fiction, a report on a cultural event, a book review, a picture of your cat or your thoughts on divorce! Keep on blogging! 😁😁😁🎂

  10. Happy 7th anniversary of blogging. I am glad to see that you will continue posting and that you enjoy it. I agree so much with you on the benefits of blogging. I don’t have many reading friends and especially not those that enjoy mysteries. I get so much out of other blogger’s thoughts on books and I love sharing my thoughts and getting feedback.

    Your post just reminded me that the 7th anniversary of my blog is nearing. Amazing.

  11. Shame about the half finished novels. Do you want us to give you a prod to finish them or maybe you would prefer to start a new one? Either way keep on blogging,

  12. I think it must be all those beautiful photos you share every Friday that are filling up your memory allowance!

  13. Happy 7th Blog Anniversary! I started in 2012 as well and was led by similar reasons! And while I have not really broken any records of any kind to call myself a success by any parameter, I have read some great books, thanks to the recommendations of my readers/followers, had great discussions which opened my mind to new ideas, made some awesome friends and documented all the highs and lows of this 7 years! Here’s to more writing and more literary milestones to you! Cheers!

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