Friday Fun: Country House Style

As the granddaughter (and great niece) of farmers, I spent every summer in the countryside, but our ‘maison de campagne’ (country house) style looked nothing like the beauties below!

You’ve got to have a great armoire, don’t you? From
A big clock is always appreciated. Fun fact: my parents bought a set of chairs like those (but brown) for their wedding and still have them half a century own. Do they count as antiques now? From Marie Claire.
Plenty of room for the whole family to sit and eat, from
Although not quite as much fun as my aunt’s table under the grape vines. (Sadly, no personal pictures are available, so this is from
Simple fireplace and coloured plates also spell country style, from
The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that nearly all of the above are French, so here is an English country cottage interior, from Elegant Home Design.
That’s more like the houses I remember – traditional Romanian peasant house interior, from

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Country House Style”

  1. While my writing space is far from grand, it looks out unto my beautiful village, not far from the coffee and surrounded by three taskmasters of the feline persuasion. It works for me.

  2. Oh dear! I’m so parochial – the English country house for me! That huge clock would weigh me down with the idea of time rushing by – clocks should be tiny and discreet and not get in the way of a good long bout of procrastination…

  3. Oh, these are all lovely, Marina Sofia! I think I like the one with the fireplace and the plates (from deavita) the best. But they’re also so welcoming and they look so comfortable.

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