Friday Fun: Prepare Your Workspace

Two months of throat clearing and finger flexing. It’s now time to write! Oh, but first let me find or create the perfect workspace…

Everything in its perfect whimsical place, from
A more comfortable chair might be called for, but this white calming space could bring forth wonders. From
More for crafts and artistic endeavours, but I could live with this tidiness. From Charity Hofert on Flickr.
There is a bit of a nostalgic flavour to my post today, isn’t there? More old-fashioned office from Elizabeth Broderick on Instagram.
Another Instagram beauty, complete with cat.
Finally one that acknowledges our computers, although not necessarily our sensitive backsides, from

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Prepare Your Workspace”

  1. Lovely spaces but I’m not convinced any work gets done! Both my partner and I are very organised people but our desks are a mess, his in particular but then mine’s much bigger.

  2. I’ll have to go for clutter with cat, even though I must say that cats with those squashed in Peke faces really disturb me. They look so wrong and interfered with and suffering. Cats should have proud long snouts and look like they could hunt, in my opinion, rather than furry pincushions.

  3. I think I’d prefer my desk to be big and clear of distracting books/decorative items/live creatures etc. But in a room with a big window and a nice view over a garden and/or the sky. Any advice for me?
    I’ve finished reading Le concert de Bach, when are you up for a synchronised review? For me next week would be best.

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