There is a Romanian expression: ‘Să luăm o pauză și să ne reculegem.’ Translation: ‘Let’s take a break and gather our thoughts or our forces or our strength.’ There is a similar word in French: ‘recueillir’, and we could potentially say it’s equivalent to ‘recollect’ in English. But it means a lot more than just remembering: it has nuances of ‘meditation’, ‘keeping a minute’s silence’, ‘recovering your equilibrium after an emotional upset’ and so much more.

So why am I launching into this lengthy etymological explanation? I suppose it’s my way of saying that I need a break as my personal life gets more complicated and unpleasant. Previously, I was able to find refuge in reading and writing when things got tough (summer of 2014 – bet you didn’t even notice at the time that things had gone awry). But as things drag on and on even longer than the Brexit negotiations, and with an equally impossible outcome, I need all my strength to cope with the turmoil. I’m finding it very difficult to write reviews or poetry or anything that is not an angry rant.

In other words, it’s time to press the ‘Pause’ button.

Painting by Nicolae Grigorescu

27 thoughts on “Reculegem”

  1. You seem like you need a break. Try and get away for a few days… I know the feeling, I’d like to be able to just chill out on a beach for a couple of weeks. Not gonna happen, sadly.

  2. Perfectly understandable! It has seemed to me that you have invested greatly in your posts. I certainly appreciate all your reviews and travel stories very very much. Always look forward to them, even when I don’t comment. Selfishly, I hope you will eventually be free to post again. But unselfishly, I wish you the best outcome possible, for yourself.

  3. I have always been in awe of your uncanny ability to not only read dozens of books at a time, but to faithfully write reviews, not only about these books, but art exhibitions, theatre, movies, your amazing travelogues etc. etc. all the while being an incredible, nurturing mom (the hardest job of all, in my opinion…. and who knows what else you are having to deal with in this complicated world!!!). If anyone deserves a break, sweetheart, it is YOU. Being a sensitive artist you need self time to recuperate the energy given out to nourish those of us less gifted. It will take some time, but I know from experience that it will return like a phoenix rising from the ashes and you will again spill forth your wisdom and shine your light on those of us fortunate enough to be acquainted with you.
    All my thoughts and best wishes, dearest Marina, and a grateful thank you for all that you have shared with us thus far.

  4. I will genuinely miss your blogs and beautiful Friday photos, but I totally understand your reasons for needing a break. You need to gather all your strength to get through this tumultuous time and know that we’re (the collective blog & twitter crowd) thinking of you and looking forward to you returning to our screens & lives refreshed and as the strong, interesting, wise woman we’ve come to know and love. Thinking of you x

  5. So sorry to hear this, Marina, but I can totally understand how you must be feeling. Sometimes we just need to take a break from everything when real life threatens to swamp us. Take care of yourself as much as possible – I genuinely hope you find some respite very soon. J x

  6. Fingers crossed everything works out far more simply and far better than you anticipate, Marina. You’ll be very much missed during your absence.

  7. Take the time you need, Marina Sofia. You’re wise to step back and restore yourself. We’ll still be here when you’re ready to post again.

  8. Awww, Marina… I had picked up from reading between the lines recently that things were difficult for you. Take all the time you need and I hope the horribleness gets sorted soon and life takes a nice turn again. We’ll miss you and come back to us when you can. xx

  9. We’ll miss you, Marina, but I hope you’ll return restored and happy when your difficulties are finally resolved. In the meantime, take care of yourself and remember lots of us are rooting for you x

  10. I’m so sorry to hear this. I can imagine what this means as even when things weren’t going well you were always here, wrote long and thoughtful posts. My reading gets easily affected when I’m not well emotionally. So does reading posts, commenting, writing my own things. I wish that you will come back renewed, full of inspiration and free flowing creative and other energy. Don’t forget – you’ve got a lot to offer and we’re lokking forward to anything you’ll show us next. x

  11. Completely understandable, we all need a break sometimes. We will miss your posts and book reviews but will be here when you get back. Take good care of yourself, the world feels a little bit broken just now, but there are good times ahead for us all I am sure. I hope things work out for you in whatever way you need them to.

  12. We will surely miss your posts, Marina. But it’s important to take a break sometimes! Wish you all the best and that your problems be solved soon!

  13. I hope this “pauză” will help you get through this tough period and to obtain the best possible outcome for you (and your boys), so that you can come back with more serenity to your reading and writing. I too will miss your insightful reviews, culture wrap-ups and Friday photos.

  14. I’m sorry to hear you have such complications in your life at present. A break from the blog may well relieve some of the added stress – but when things improve (and they will), please return to us, Marina. We’re going to miss you. 🤗

  15. I’m sorry that you’re going through difficulties, I totally understand that you must choose priorities when your mind is full of other things. Take as long as you need, and we’ll be waiting for your delicious posts in due time!

  16. Gad, Marina Sofia, doing w/out your blog is
    much harder than I even anticipated. Already missing your posts hugely! Thank you so much for all you have shared. If you feel up to it, keep us posted as to how you are doing. You know we will be wishing you the best.

  17. We’re thinking of you and sending you our best wishes. I hope that life’s stressors ease up for you and you are able to enjoy reading, writing and everything else soon.

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