Friday Fun: On Not Getting Envious

I’ve barely been using my home office lately. Of course, that has nothing to do with being away or being busy at work and with the children. I’m sure it has everything to do with the decor! So this week I don’t want to get too envious and will show you studies which are Instagrammable but probably not all that comfortable or practical.

Scandi chic but who wants to sit on bar stools all day, from Lundagard.
I actually have that chair (ideal for rocking and reading, not so much for working on the laptop, I think). But where can I get those super-high ceilings and huge windows? From Brainbox.
Sometimes all you need is a looooong desk, and a ladder of course, even if you can reach the top shelves quite easily! From
I could certainly do with a workspace going around two walls of the room (as long as there’s still plenty of room for bookshelves). From Design Sponge.
This one must be Italian – the handbag, the bust, the floor and the uncomfortable chairs lead me to this conclusion. From Pinterest.
Equally elegant, but much more comfortable, but not enough space for books, from Scout for the Home.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: On Not Getting Envious”

  1. These are all attractive in their own way, Marina Sofia. I get what you’re saying about the chair in the one from Brainbox, but I still want that office. I’d just…put a new chair there or something.

  2. Ah, I can easily see myself working in any of the first 3 offices! I think the second one is my favourite – I like the idea of having a big table where more people can work in the same time 🙂

  3. I love the possibly Italian one best I think. Though it needs a better chair.
    The Scandi one doesn’t have any under-desk knee room? Even more reason not to have high bar stools!

  4. I do like the Italian one. Not as a primary home-office/study/call-it-what-you-will but perhaps a little nook somewhere in the bright, airy and very large Italian villa that I don’t yet have…

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