Friday Fun: Never Mind the House, I Want That Garden!

Everyone knows by now that I am not a gardener, but I do enjoy sitting and reading in an immaculate and large garden, watching the bees buzzing, listening to the birds singing, hoping for a glimpse of a hedgehog…

Not just for grown-ups, this garden shed with treehouse and climbing frame attached. From
Why have a garden when you could have a whole fell to yourself, complete with sheep? From Pinterest and I presume Wales or Scotland.
Little garden folly overlooking vineyards, from Lifewitoutlouboutins.
Slightly more modern, with your own lake. From
Quintessentially British, from The Telegraph.
A slice of the Mediterranean, from
If you don’t mind a bit of climb, Alnwick Mansion and gardens will do just fine.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Never Mind the House, I Want That Garden!”

  1. Whilst I do appreciate a pretty garden, I am the type of person who can kill a cactus. A place close to fells or mountains would suit my though – as long as I could bring the culture and coffee shops from London with me.

  2. They’re all so beautiful, Marina Sofia! And they all look so peaceful and relaxing, too. I would definitely have to hire people to take care of such gorgeous property, because gardening is not one of my skills. But I do love that one from the Telegraph…

  3. I won’t be greedy and go for the mansion – I just need a small corner of peace and tranquility (no sheep since I get enough of those in wales anyway). Does the gardener come as part of the package because otherwise I guarantee the plot will look a mess in a year left to my care

  4. The little garden folly for me, though it’s hard to pick between them. I also love the fell. I love my little garden though I am a rubbish gardener and my garden’s nothing special at all.

  5. I’d like them all frankly, both houses and gardens. I’m not great with the latter but then if I was rich enough to own any of these I could pay someone to look after them for me! 🤣🤣🤣

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