Friday Fun: Return to the Small Chateaux

This week, a group of women writers whom I am honoured to call friends, L’Atelier Writers, are having their annual retreat in a French chateau. I joined them one year and it was magical. You bet that I am extremely envious. So I’ve found some additional chateaux to make them envious too!

Yes, a majority of them are French, but I am including a few from other countries as well. This time round, small and compact are the keywords. Well, for chateau standards at least.

Alone in Copenhagen, from Pinterest.
The comforting standard French shutters, from Architectural Digest.
The House on the Lake, in Brussels, photo credit Quentin de Briey.
Less of a chateau, more of a manor house in Gascogne (land of D’Artagnan), from Architectural Digest.
Hidden amongst flowering trees, French chateau from
Solar de Alvega in Portugal, from
In England we call them manor houses, but they are still chateaux to me, like this one for sale in Woodstock, from Country Life.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Return to the Small Chateaux”

    1. Quite right, too. I was planning once upon a time to do a road trip in Portugal with some Portuguese friends, staying at the all of these fabulous quintas…

  1. Generally I’m a chateau girl, but the manor house in Gascogne takes my fancy this week, even if it would count as slumming it a bit… 😉

  2. Not small and compact enough for me – although all are beautiful! I’d be too frightened in such a big house – and yes, I could have friends to stay – but I’m a bit of a misanthrope…

  3. They’re all so beautiful! Hard to know which to pick. I think I like the one on the lake in Brussels, but they’re all lovely.

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