Friday Fun: Sit on the Porch and Read

And why wouldn’t you, with porches like these?

Apparently, they sit on the porch a lot in Alabama, from Country Living.
Another Southern beauty, from
More of a floating mooring deck than a porch, but aren’t the surroundings just divine? From
A classical feel to this completely closed off extra room porch, from
OK, I admit this Ontario porch is more of a veranda, from House Beautiful.
More of a conservatory than a porch, but whose conservatory has ever looked like this? From
For those with smaller budgets, a little scandibloglovin.

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Sit on the Porch and Read”

  1. I do like these a lot, Marina Sofia! They’re all gorgeous. Just to make room on the waterside porches, I’ll choose the one from mobilebaymag . But they’re all lovely.

  2. So many times watching a film set in the US I get envious about the houses with porches. Would love to have one for myself — I’d be really happy with the Alabama or Scandi versions. The other’s are way too grand

  3. I’ve never had a porch and always coveted them. My bff at school lived in a wooden house with a porch like an American front porch, and I loved to visit – maybe one day I’ll retire to a house with one. Meantime, there’s enough eye candy to keep me going – thank you!

    1. May I make you even more envious? My grandmother had a porch to her house (a much more basic one, not so beautifully decorated) and my cousins and I used to sleep on mattresses outside there on really hot summer nights.

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