Friday Fun: The Power of White

The White House in a certain country may have become a laughing stock but white houses have undeniable decorative cachet.

Hidden in the woods, from
Super modern or sci-fi spaceship like, from Casa Dupli by J. Mayer H. Architects
Indoors can be stylish white and yet not feel like magnolia, from
Art Nouveau style in Sydney, from
Restyled Texan villa, from
The first house that Le Corbusier built: for his parents in his home town in the Swiss Jura. Bet you weren’t expecting such a ‘traditional’ style!

5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Power of White”

  1. These are gorgeous to look at, Marina Sofia. The art nouveau one is especially beautiful, but I think I’d choose the one nestled in the woods.

  2. I love all of these but I think my favourite is the super modern one, it just really appeals to me. I’ve come to really love white over the last year or so as we’ve re-decorated our house and painted over the bright colours we went for last time. It feels so much more relaxing.

  3. I’m struck by the glare of the white. I would rather a nice little cottage in the country with lots of trees and greenery around (no hot sun beating down), with shade, in sage green and neutral colors.

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