Friday Fun: More Money Than Sense

This time it’s all about excess: the mansions of the rich and powerful are sometimes more showy than practical, more dramatic rather than chic.

Said to be the most expensive house in the US, this house in Bel Air is on sale for $250 million. From
Sometimes it’s all about the waterfall in the garden… From modernnnhome.
How about your very own Versailles somewhere in the American West? From
This one seems almost modest, in comparison. Where? You guessed it, also in the US. Trump’s excesses no longer seem quite so out of place, do they? From
For those who prefer a faux olde worlde style, this is perhaps the kind of house you might imagine Gatsby opting for. From WP Home Design and Decoration.
Last but not least, how about building your own park and island for your castle? Chateau Artisan, photo credit Mike Salamanca, Masmedia Labs.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Money Than Sense”

  1. None of these are really calling to me. Does good taste go out of the window when you have the kind of money that can build huge homes?

  2. The over-the-top costly mansions just don’t really appeal to me, Marina Sofia. I guess I just don’t care for obvious excess like that. I don’t think I’d go for any of the choices this time, and that’s a first for me!

  3. These opulent waste-of-money mansions turn me off. Those superrich people could be helping to pay for health care and housing for poor people. It is such a waste and so narcissistic to live like that, to show the world how rich the owners are.
    I’d be happy with a five-room lovely cottage nestled among trees with a brook or small lake nearby and a good reading porch.

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