Friday Fun: Balcony Railings

I know this may not seem like the most absorbing topic in the world, but if I were an architect, I could write a book about balcony railings. They never cease to fascinate me. Sadly, most of them nowadays are quite boring – in fact, there is a shortage of balconies in general!

Well, we all know the French are masters of the beautiful wrought iron balconies, from Instagram.
Very different style – the American wooden beach house balconies. From
American northern style is very different – and can tell a whole story, from Lez Get Ideas.
Rough-hewn rustic look – or an imitation thereof, from Mountain Laurel Handrails.
Small is beautiful, but check out the heads in the corner, from Musafir.
For those of you who have an excess of green fingers, from
Gorgeous Art Nouveau villa and balcony in Torino, from Flickr.
Last but not least, my favourite balcony of them all, from the Chateau de Voltaire in Ferney. Perhaps not as decorative as the others, but newly renovated and now bright pink, Voltaire’s study and its balcony have an incredible view over Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and the Alps.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Balcony Railings”

  1. There’s something romantic about a balcony isn’t there? Maybe I’ve been convinced by Shakespeare! Weirdly, the more ornate ones appeal to me the most, which is not my general taste at all. They’re lovely!

    1. It’s quite sad that balconies in the UK tend to be quite rare (perhaps because of the weather?) and if they do exist in modern blocks of flats, they are quite dull and minuscule. So yes, I’m all for the ornate as well, even though that is not my general style.

  2. I think balconies can add a lot to building. There’s just something about them, isn’t there? I think the one I like best is the Art Nouveau balcony in Torino, but they all have something about them that captures the imagination.

  3. I think balconies are lovely and I wish I had the kind of house that could take one! The greenfingered one with the flowers is lovely. My Middle Child’s flat has a teeny balcony which she stuffs with plants and encourages the birds onto – it gives her much pleasure! 😀

  4. I’d want my balcony either to be overflowing with flowers or very art nouveau like the ones Gaudi designed for Casa Batllo in Barcelona

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