Friday Fun: Houses with Animals

I’ve never had any illusion that the farming life is idyllic. As a child, I saw far too many of my relatives working very hard to eke out a living as a farmer. But every now and then, I am overcome by the thought of having a beautiful house with some beautiful animals (of any description) in the background…

Cattle of course are a staple of farmhouses, as are the autumnal colours, from Yesterday Spaces.
Riding when you stay at this farm in Germany, from
If you are really short on space, then a few hens make for ideal companionship, from
Sheep for this more traditional farmhouse, from P.Base.
Geese are the perfect gatekeepers for your remote stone cottage, from Pinterest.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses with Animals”

  1. You could still keep chickens! My partner’s colleague in Bristol kept hens who loved to sit on her lap when she got in. I suspect Zoe might object to that.

  2. There are beautiful places, Marina SOfia. For a visit, I might try to the farm with the horses, as I love to ride. But for everyday life? As lovely as these farms are (and they are!), I am content with my two canine overlords…

  3. I could possibly manage with the chickens but geese – no way, they are far too noisy. Can i just have a llama please? Very docile I think

  4. I fear I could never eat an animal I’d known personally so farming life is not for me! But I’d be happy to be a visitor at any of them – they all look idyllic…

    1. You’d be surprised at how ruthless all my farming relatives were when it came to slaughtering their ‘beloved friends’. I could never understand that as a child!

  5. They are all lovely farms with beautiful animals. I can imagine the work involved. I’d love a little cottage, a few dogs and cats, a donkey and a few goats. That’s it. And they’d all have to be house-broken. I saw a woman on a video who adopted a small donkey and he lived indoors with the dogs. She said he was easier to housebreak than the dogs. (And I gave up eating meat years ago so it’s a nonissue for me.)

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