Friday Fun: Mediterranean Inspiration

You don’t have to live in the Mediterranean to be inspired by its architecture and allowing the outdoors indoors.

Hobbit house and modern Med inspiration for this house in Africa, from
Like floating on your own island in the US, photo credit: Hardwood & Hemingway on Tumblr.
New Zealand house with restricted garden space, from NaturalHabitatsLandscapes.
Cape Town beauty from the 1960s, from
The plant life may be different, but what a holiday feeling for this Med inspired villa in Vancouver, from
Even Russian oligarchs get inspired by the Mediterranean, photo credit: Roman Vlasov from

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Mediterranean Inspiration”

    1. And probably a lot cooler too. But then, I find most Mediterranean type houses tend to be built for the heat, so are just about bearable in summer, even without air conditioning.

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! They’re just so beautiful and peaceful. My choice is the one in Cape Town, but they’re all wonderful.

  2. I’m just a nature lover. Want a cottage surrounded by trees or on a lake with trees around. Coziness, trees and shade are what I need.

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