Friday Fun: Staircases to Heaven

You know by now how obsessed I am with beautiful hallways and staircases that entice you upstairs with the promise of heavenly delights to come…

Champagne and … is that pot to tempt you? From
Bit of a mish-mash of wallpapers going on there, but that parquet is to die for! From Elle Decor.
Tiles and intricate metalwork – my idea of heaven! From
Perhaps a little too classical, but I love the colour here. From
Almost monochrome simplicity, from
Last, but not least, this relatively unrestored chateau has a staircase in very good nick, from

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Staircases to Heaven”

    1. I always lived in flats until I bought my first house at the age of 31 – and then I was exhausted from going up and down stairs all day. But maybe that’s why I idolise them… a deprived childhood!

  1. You always choose the most beautiful rooms, buildings, etc.., Marina Sofia. In this (stair)case, I think I’d choose the monochrome one. I do love the minimalist look when it’s done well. I find it restful.

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