Friday Fun: Pod or Shed?

If you don’t have enough rooms in your house, then these sheds (or, currently all the rage, ‘pods’ which you can just drop in your back garden) offer a real alternative for a home office or writing retreat.

Armadilla garden pod has all the mod cons, from Ideal Home.
A bit exposed: they might catch you napping instead of working… from Building Projects.
This Rolls Roycel of sheds is bigger than many a house… or garden. From
Inside a Fatpod from
Saw these simple pods at the University of Lancaster – study spaces for students to book. Great idea!
These floating pods at the University of York are intended more for meetings than individual study, but I could work in there for hours!
More like a conservatory extension than a shed, but I’ll take it. From

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Pod or Shed?”

  1. It’s amazing how much they can fit into these tiny spaces (or in some cases not so tiny – that third one is huge!) I’m not sure how much work I’d get done in these, I’d just spend all my time staring out the window…

  2. My garden shed is looking very sad in comparison to these beauties. I’d love a pod I could use as a retreat but I know I’d end up having to share it….

  3. The first one or the floating one please! And not too much glass methinks or it would be so roasting you wouldn’t get anything done. I’d love one these for a crafting and reading space… 😁😁

  4. These are great, Marina Sofia. I could definitely build a writing retreat with one of them. I’d love one of the more open ones, but I think I’d be far too distracted if I were trying to write. So…I think I’d go with the first one.

  5. There are some very workable spaces there. However, I am fortunate that I am the sole human here. Therefore, I can read, write or whatever where ever my felines allow.

  6. I like the second one and the last one in dark green. However, I’m not one for a lot of sun, so I’d have less glass or else long shades. Add a mini-refrigerator stocked with fruit, snacks and cold drinks and I’d move right in.

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