Friday Fun: Homes to Tempt You in Britain

I’ve been doing so much property search abroad in the past few months that it’s high time I reminded myself that I am still here in the UK for the time being. And there are many fine (if rather unaffordable) properties on this island…

Suffolk retreat, what I imagine a vicarage should look like. From Prime Location.
Clathwaite Hall in Cumbria. From H.H. King website.
© Brian Young Architectural Photography for Bradley Hall in County Durham
Another picture-book Suffolk property, from David Burr.
Georgian manor house for sale in Lancashire, from
Of course, you can’t mention Lancaster without mentioning York… This is Thorpe Hall in Yorkshire, likewise for sale, from

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Homes to Tempt You in Britain”

  1. I can see how living in one of these might ease the pain of living on this imploding island! (Sorry, I must stop writing comments immediately after watching the news…) I’ll take the first one please 🙂

  2. That first one is going to get quite crowded, Marina Sofia! I’d love it, too! They’re all beautiful, though, so it was a bit hard to choose for me.

  3. Well I don’t want something very grand so either of the Suffolk homes would suit me just perfectly. I assume they come with a gardener to keep that lawn pristine because if left to me, it would be a disaster

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