Friday Fun: Back to France

Who am I kidding? English country mansions are all very nice, but my heart beats faster when I see a French chateau – or even a ‘humble’ maison de maitre. And, who knows, maybe in the region Bourgogne -Franche-Comte, it might even be affordable? My ‘retirement’ plans are to acquire one of these and organise writing, reading and thinking retreats. Any takers?

Gracious stone pile in Besancon, from
Modest little house from Mitula Immobilier.
This one is slightly more expensive, but has extensive grounds and outhouses. From
My kind of farmhouse building in the Jura, from
House in Bourgogne, close to the vineyards, from
The real dream, this 13th century renovated chateau in Oyonnax, only 9 minutes from Geneva by helicopter! From

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Back to France”

  1. I like these all very much, Marina Sofia. There is something about those lovely farmhouses, isn’t there? That modest little one – the first one from Mitula Immobilier. – looks exactly right for me.

  2. Oooh, they’re lovely – the second one down is particularly appealing, which may be down to the colour scheme. Can I run away to one of them please, because England is not appealing much at the moment… (or maybe I should just hop back up north to my home country!)

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