Friday Fun: Unusual Gems

OK, gems might be stretching the truth a bit, but certainly some quite unique architecture or setting or both…

Who doesn’t want an indoor swing or hammock or whatever you call this thing? From
I assume there is no one opposite to look in on you? From
You too can experience the feeling of being burnt alive at the stake, from
Not quite sure where the rest of the house has gone, but this looks like a nice pool house, from
Traditional architecture in a stunning location – unless you suffer from vertigo! From

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Unusual Gems”

  1. These are so interesting, Marina Sofia! I think I’d feel far too ‘open to the public’ in the second one. But the first? Yes, I could see myself lounging in that hammock!

  2. Ha! Not sure I fancy a fire burning under my bed! But I very much want the swingy-seesaw-thingy! With a servant of course to keep it in motion while I relax…

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