Friday Fun: A Romanian Landscape Photographer

Autumn is spectacular in the Romanian mountains and, as if to alleviate my homesickness, I’ve discovered the amazing photographs of the very talented Alex Robciuc. Here are just a few examples, but you can follow all his work on or check him out on Facebook. He was the award winner for Romania in the Sony World Photography Awards 2019. No filter required!

The first glimpses of autumn.
Autumnal village in Maramures.
Almost like a toy landscape in Transylvania.
Makes me want to move there immediately…

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: A Romanian Landscape Photographer”

  1. Oh, these are so very lovely, Marina Sofia! I can see how you would love the autumn in Romania. It’s always been the season I like best, and this riot of gorgeous colours is one reason why. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The countryside does lend itself to great photography, doesn’t it? I recently saw an exhibition of photographs of the Romanian countryside throughout the year, by Sorin Onisor, and I would recommend you look him up too. The photos were really beautiful.

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