Friday Fun: Houses of Famous People

I’ve featured quite a few writers’ homes in my Friday Fun series, and occasionally even featured some other celebrities. Here are a few old favourites.

Celebrity homes in Switzerland

Writerly homes in France

An international selection of writers’ homes

More French homes to swoon over

Some of these gorgeous homes no longer exist

Expats in France

3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses of Famous People”

  1. I’m looking at that photo of Bowie’s home and wondering if it’s a satellite dish I can see in the right corner of the top balcony? What an eye sore if it is

  2. I’ve always been inspired by other writers’ homes, Marina Sofia. Even the ones I wouldn’t necessarily want myself seem to have something about them that draws one in – well, this one anyway. I think that was one of your ‘Friday Fun’ posts that I liked the best.

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