Poetry at last!

It’s been months if not years since I last posted a poem. Partly because I haven’t written any new ones, and partly because I was still hoping to get some of the older ones published (and most journals won’t take previously published poems etc. etc.)

However, I am cautiously optimistic that my love of writing has returned and that more poems (as well as prose) will get written. So here is an older poem, which has been edited and freshened up, and will hopefully lead to newer and better things. The idea is that you can read it horizontally from left to right or in columns. Just a little bit of playing with appearance on the page!

After the Appeal

You have been sifted                                      cleaned out and weighed

each grain examined                                      you were found wanting

your feet too shuffling                                    your teeth too evolved

slow rip and hide                                            under your mantle

poked and shushed over                                tut-tut rejected.

Bernini’s Medusa

And, because I am feeling super generous and energetic (at least until further notice or rejection), here is another, more personal one. In which it becomes clear that my poetic subconscious is a better judge of character than my rational everyday self.


You could not bear my questioning gaze

so you called me Medusa

and coiled nasty creatures

above my head

powerless to stun

yet mocked at by all.

Is there ever a time –

perhaps in your deep slumber at night –

that you startle and run

to escape the unflinching eyes?

13 thoughts on “Poetry at last!”

  1. Such wonderful poems, Marina! I’d definitely buy a poetry collection of yours, so I’m hoping your work does get published soon! 😀

  2. It’s wonderful to see your poetry again, Marina Sofia! I love it! More than that, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re finding your love of writing again. Isn’t that the sweetest feeling? I hope you’ll find a publisher wise enough to handle your work.

    1. It does feel at the moment like writing, reading and attending literary events or theatre are the only things good in my life. But especially poetry – it reaches those corners that others can’t!

  3. These are very worthy of the name … poetry. These two may be brief but very effective. A dry spell is all too common. You should allow your muse to nourish you more. A poem is never far away from the seasoned writer’s eye. You might enjoy this song of the same name as your second poem … https://youtu.be/0EN__OB9oTo

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