Summing Up the Decade: Blog Posts

I’ll have a separate blog post for my favourite books or cultural events of the decade, but first for something rather personal. It’s been a long, hard old decade for me. I started off with a moribund marriage but tried desperately to keep it alive for another 4 years or so. Then to hide its disintegration from the children for two more years. Then another 3.5 years to finally untangle property and finances. So you can imagine I will not be looking back fondly upon this decade. However, there have been good moments, mostly relating to the five years we spent in my beloved Geneva area.

So I’ll start with my favourite posts from the blog I started in Geneva in February 2012. Not quite 10 years old, but boy, has it accumulated a lot of material! Expect a mammoth post:

My very first book review – because it was a book about expat experience

A rather uncharacteristic short story

My reaction upon reading Knausgaard for the first time

A brief essay about motherhood and what ifs

My series of interviews What Got You Hooked on a Life of Crime?

Reading Habits and Resolutions

German Women Writers Fighting Against National Socialism

Rereading The Tale of Genji

A political piece and plea for sanity just before the 2016 Referendum

I visited the Quais du Polar Crime Festival in Lyon several times and wrote a series of posts about it

The most popular post I ever wrote – about The Handmaid’s Tale and what it brings back to me

Reunited with the books in my loft and rediscovering the most obscure on my bookshelves

Possibly the best holiday I’ve had this decade

The Victor and His Family. This is a bit how this decade has felt like for me.

Before I started this blog, I had a professional blog for my business as a coach and trainer for all matters intercultural. Some of the posts were quite business-like, but some wittered on about expat experiences and my family. Here are a few posts that bring back fond memories:

The Racism of St Nicholas – this one is from December 2009, but just about fits into the decade, with a bit of indulgence

British Heritage and Stereotypes – oddly prescient that, although it dates from March 2010

The Dramas of Being an Expat Light Wife

Remembering my first stint on the border of France/Switzerland (this article first appeared in the expat section of The Telegraph)

Trying to make light of relocation problems

I wanted to close this post with a picture of the Mont Blanc peak, which has been such a huge part of my decade. But when I did a search for Mont Blanc through my saved pictures, I found this special edition Virginia Woolf pen by Mont Blanc instead…

17 thoughts on “Summing Up the Decade: Blog Posts”

  1. Wow, this is so powerful. I haven;t even realized that we are entering a new decade till my son this morning said, “Well, we are entering the next ten years”. Crazy decade–now it makes me think too–thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Just this morning I was reminiscing about 30 years since the Romanian Revolution as well – don’t know when all those decades flashed by… but this last one has been particularly gruelling.

  2. I hope the next decade is much kinder to you, Marina Sofia. You deserve it. Thanks for sharing wonderful posts with us, and for all you contribute to the blogosphere.

    1. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to meet you, Margot, and other book lovers and writers like you! That’s has certainly been the best thing about blogging!

  3. A fascinating selection of posts, and I don’t think I encountered you on your original blog, so I will check out your links! As Margot says, I hope the next ten years are better ones for you and here’s to more blogging and reading!

  4. I’ve been reading posts on the topic of Ten Best Books of the Decade, but yours is the first to list best posts of the decade. Very interesting approach. I read your Knausgaard post with enjoyment and will read others later. I also wish you a better decade from 2020 onwards & look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Thank you, Alison. It might be a bit self-centred, but I just wanted to remind myself of the good things too. I will, of course, also have a post about the best books which I happened to read during this decade (not necessarily published within it).

  5. Such a wide-ranging set of blog posts, Marina. I hope the next decade will be kinder to you than this one has been. As for that pen – I’m not even going to make a stab at its price!

  6. I have enjoyed reading your posts so much and I really hope this coming decade will be much better for you – like Carmenbugan I hadn’t realised that we’re starting a new decade – so much has happened and so many changes!

  7. I’ve been following you for about seven of those last ten years now and it has been an absolute pleasure, especially that you discuss so many books and authors from other countries. I hope on a persoanl level that your next decade runs more smoothly – and that you’ll still be blogging at the end of it!

    1. Has it been so long already that we’ve known each other? Time just flies by when you’re enjoying yourself. I wish you the same: good next decade, and plenty of lovely books and blog posts!

  8. I really hope the next decade is better for you. I remember several of those posts very well. Thank you for all the wonderful blog posts you have shared with us.

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