Friday and Easter Fun

We need more escapism than ever before, so here are some recent favourite houses that set me (and hopefully you) dreaming.

Little house in Aix en Provence, from TripAdvisor. I believe it is Marcel Pagnol’s?
I can never resist a patio and those lovely French shutters, from
Another beauty in the Provence. Do you know that shutter colours on traditional houses are monitored in France? From Maisons Travaux.
Flowers in the garden are always a bonus, of course. Also from Maison Travaux.
This is how I imagined the Secret Garden house when I was a child – wrong country, of course, but isn’t it gorgeous, from

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating this weekend. I will be celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter next weekend as well, so double the chocolate for me! And please join us this long weekend rewatching Kieslowski’s Three Colours trilogy. Hashtag on Twitter: #threecolours (British spelling).

8 thoughts on “Friday and Easter Fun”

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! That third one (from Maisons Travaux) is really calling to me….

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