Friday Fun: Houses with Dream Gardens

Many of us at the moment are gasping for a little bit of garden, let alone the gloriously blooming and well-manicured gardens complete with beautiful houses in the pictures below.

Why, I do believe we are in France once more… From
Far more modest and wild in Umbria, from
The blogsite is Australian, but not sure the house is from there. From
I am reliably informed that this was the ‘cottage’ Obama and his family rented for a holiday in France. From
This is what I imagine Sido’s garden (Colette’s mother) to have resembled. From

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses with Dream Gardens”

  1. I love that cottage garden! I’m spending my daily exercise ogling other people’s gardens which is helping to keep me sane. Wisteria is glorious at the moment.

    1. Yes, I sometimes stop and take pictures of gardens and houses… and have had people occasionally get cross with me. They probably think I am ‘casing’ their house for a burglary.

  2. While some of us here in Europe don’t have a personal garden, I am fortunate to find my village is a serial garden that weaves about with lovely surprises at each turn. What lovely photos. Thank you.

  3. I’d love a garden. These are all gorgeous. I’m typing this sitting surrounded by my potted plants on my rusty fire escape – not nearly so glamorous but it still brings me some solace!

    1. Any bit of green around is a blessing. The only plants I seem to be able to keep alive are indoor ones, so I prefer to spend time in the conservatory (with windows open).

    1. You should see my garden! I’m not going to mow the lawn at all, because I no longer have a green bin and the council rubbish tip is of course closed.

  4. Oh, those gardens are beautiful! So peaceful-looking, and that lovely green space! My vote is for the one in Umbria, but they’re all gorgeous.

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