Friday Fun: Romanian Painter Ion Andreescu

Not as well known as Nicolae Grigorescu or Constantin Brancusi for fans of Romanian art, Ion Andreescu is my favourite Romanian painter. He lived a quiet, sadly all too brief life as an art teacher, studied for a short while in Paris in 1878/79, and painted some of the most evocative Romanian landscapes before his death in 1882 at the age of 32 from TB. He is particularly good at capturing the forest in all seasons and all moods. His paintings offer me pure escapism, a breath of fresh air.

Summer landscape.
At the edge of the forest.
Women sitting at the edge of the forest.
Country cottage.


Winter in Barbizon.

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Romanian Painter Ion Andreescu”

  1. These are some truly stunning paintings – it’s such a pity that the artist died so young. Thank you for sharing, Marina!

  2. Oh, they’re lovely, Marina Sofia! Evocative and I can see how they would feel like a breath of fresh air to you. I wasn’t familiar with his art before, but I may just have to change that!

  3. I didn’t know him but I really like the paintings.
    Strange that I never noticed him at the Musée d’Orsay, they must have as least one of his paintings, no?

    1. I’m not sure they do, because he died so young – and also worked as a teacher – and therefore his output is not hugely prolific. But he may have sold a few of them in France to cover his expenses…

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