Friday Fun: Even the Smallest Patio

It’s amazing what you can achieve with even the smallest little bit of outdoor space. Makes me feel all the more guilty for not doing anything much with my rather bigger garden, but I am rubbish at gardening and also would rather sit and read. I’d happily grace any of the patios below with my book and my presence!

Strategically placed reading chair, from
Clever way of ensuring privacy amongst the concrete, in Crete. From
Even a balcony is enough, if you have this gorgeous view of Granada. From Flickr.
Who doesn’t dream of climbing roses – and reading chairs? From Pinterest
This must be a problematic garden, without much sun, but a lot of charm. From Pinterest.
Of course, if your garden is very steep, you may have to consider different levels. From


18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Even the Smallest Patio”

    1. I am the world’s worst gardener, so I just admire other people’s efforts. However, I have managed to keep a few plants alive in the conservatory, so that makes me happy.

  1. These are gorgeous! I think I’ve mentioned on your Friday posts before my rusty fire escape 😀 Still, I’ve crammed it with pots (still allowing a safe exit!) and they bring me a lot of joy and solace.

  2. I have a small balcony and it is my pure delight; full of flowers and a space that is rearranged daily, depending on whether it’s for reading (comfy chair & foot stool), lunch (table & 2 stools, 3 at a stretch), washing day (no furniture just the fold away washing line), beach day, (no furniture – sheepskins on the concrete floor, beach towels, cushions) and then there is the arrangement of the pots that aren’t hanging, to ensure nooks and spaces for 2 cats, who like to observe through the glass and keep an eye on their territory about two metres below. Great post!

      1. Likewise, and I’ve never aspired to own a real garden, I’m quite content with my balcony overlooking a large lawn and trees, and watching those who come in regularly to maintain it!

  3. So lovely!! One of my new interests from this isolation period is related to plants 🙂 I was slightly interested in plants before, but now I appreciate and care for them even more.
    I also planted some basil and spinach and it’s fascinating to see them grow and to observe the differences every day. Slowly turning into a plant lady 🙂

  4. I just might be tempted to trying to make our balcony into some kind of garden. Obviously complete with reading chair. I had never had time before ….

  5. What beautiful places to read, Marina Sofia! I love them all. I think I’d vote for that patio in Crete, but honestly, I’d love any one of them.

  6. They are beautiful. I especially like the one from Pinterest But I live in a big city, not even a terrace I have often planted window boxes full of impatiens or flowering begonias, and when one sees flowers inside every day, it is still a boost and brings nature inside. And it’s a joy to walk into the rooms and see them.

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