Friday Fun: Piglets to Cuddle

It’s been such a busy week once more and perpetual exhaustion seems to be the general frame of mind for me. So no new reviews, not even a summary of the many films I’ve watched in the last fortnight. Merely my grandmother’s favourite animal to look at and cuddle. Initially, I was scared of the piglets, because they would follow me everywhere. Now, I’ve grown to love them, not just because they are cute (and surprisingly clean) but because they are also very intelligent and trainable, like dogs.

So small, that this bunny can mother him/her. From Magical Nature Tour website.
Bigger and wiser. From
How can you resist that little face? From Pinterest
Gambolling like a lamb in the field. From White Pine Healing Arts.
There’s always one looking the other way, isn’t there? From the Derbyshire Times.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Piglets to Cuddle”

  1. Much as my father was no vegetarian, he wouldn’t eat pork because he knew how intelligent pigs are and found their treatment when he was little abhorrent.

    These pictures are so cute.

    1. It’s a funny thing, but my grandmother, who mollycoddled her pigs, treated them like beloved puppies, gave them names, had them sitting at her feet while she was knitting etc. had no problems whatsoever with slaughtering them for Christmas (in Romania we traditionally eat pork for Christmas, not turkey). I was fine with it until I once heard the poor pig squealing at the slaughter…

  2. I remember being amazed to see a young woman with a piglet on a lead taking it for a walk when we were on holiday in Stockholm years ago. Sweet, but I hope it was destined for a life in the countryside eventually.

  3. Well, I live on a stud farm and I was given a pig for Xmas two years ago. She is free to roam around, we have never even seen her poop, she makes her own bed and the horses love her. The only problem is she was supposed to be a mini, but I think she’s half Vietnamese potbellied, because she’s really grown. But who cares.

    1. Oh lucky you! Mind, I’ve heard lots of disquieting stories that, after the film Babe came out, a lot of people wanted piglets as pets but then complained and abandoned them when they grew bigger…

  4. Oh, they are so very, very adorable! And really pigs are very intelligent animals, so I can see how people would keep them. Funny pig story: Not too very far from the place where I spent a lot of my early adult years, there was a large used bookshop in a converted barn. Five floors of wonderful books to explore, and lots of seats everywhere for customers to try a chapter (or two…). There was also a resident pig named Curtis. I’m not up on my pigs, so don’t know what his breed was, but he was such a great addition. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Never had a pig in my life, and don’t particularly miss the experience, but I must admit some of these do look cute!

  6. Piglets are cute and pigs are smart. I am glad I gave up eating mammals years ago. Once I read about a piglet standing in a field enjoying the sun and the wind blowing, that was it. No more porkchops for me.
    I don’t know how your grandmother saw them as pets, and then as Christmas dinner. Too brutal for me.

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