Friday Fun: How I would furnish my house if I could…

Today’s escapism is more down to earth – pieces of furniture that I would like to own some day and that could really take my home decorating style up a level. As you can see, I have rather eclectic tastes, so they might not all go well together!

Modern Italian bookcase design – for an endless space, from
Memories of balmy evenings sipping cocktails – British colonial style may be problematic in origin, but it does look lovely. Photo credit: Tom Harper.
Scandinavian sofas and that ceramic stove, from
One of my favourite collections (Naturaliste) from one of my favourite shops in France: Maisons du Monde. Just like a museum.
That large white display cabinet has been on my radar for the longest time. I wish I’d bought it when I still had the chance, at Maisons du Monde.
Dining table for long dinners with friends, from


9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: How I would furnish my house if I could…”

  1. I like your choices, Marina Sofia. Smooth, clean lines and muted, subtle hues. You had me at those bookshelves in the first ‘photo. I would love something like that!

    1. Yes, I still have the ‘temporary’ Ikea shelves that we got because they were the only ones that would fit into a certain space, and the slowly falling to pieces ‘stop-gap’ sofa which was supposed to last only for 5 years in France.

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