Friday Fun: Turquoise to Lift the Spirits

When life and all those around you give you the blues, you can respond with a similar but much more cheerful shade of aqua. Turquoise is a mood lifter for me, hopefully for you too!

You can go the full turquoise paint treatment, as in this room via Architectural Digest.
Or a mere accent of the colour on your tiny balcony, as shown in
It looks fresh and fun combined with red in a child’s room. From Pinterest.
Or quite classical with white sofas. From Impressive Interior Design.
This reading corner would keep me cool on the warmest of days.
But it’s at its best when you combine with a seascape. From Southern Studio.
So that it melts into the view, as in this house on the Turks and Caicos. From House of Turquoise.

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Turquoise to Lift the Spirits”

  1. Turquoise is my favourite colour and I’ve painted my bedroom walls that shade. Sadly it doesn’t look nearly as glamorous as these pictures but like you it does lift my spirits!

  2. Funny how all of the inside seats of the Turks and Caicos picture look towards the TV, not the sea. Nice cushion patterns though.
    I hope all that turquoise succeeded in lifting your mood!

  3. Turquoise is my absolute favourite shade of blue and green, Marina Sofia! I adore it, and how lovely to see it worked into these rooms like that. Such a lift. I think I’d choose the Southern Studio seascape room, or the Impressive Interior Design room, but they are all absolutely beautiful, I think.

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