Friday Fun: Houses with a View

I am still spending most of the time at home, and have decided that the only ‘support bubbles’ I can create are in my imagination: namely, rooms with a view.

Villa in Greece available on
Governor’s Bay House in New Zealand, photo courtesy of Jason Mann.
This villa on the Cape coast in South Africa can also be rented out via TripAdvisor.
Villla designed by architect Reza Mohtashami from Archilovers.
If you prefer mountains, here is a chalet in Switzerland for sale via Savills.
The decor might need some tweaking, but this house in Utah has glorious windows, available on Sotheby’s real estate site.
This one I will keep secret, just for myself, because it is in my beloved Rhone-Alpes area. From

P.S. I am so obsessed with views that in all of the three rented accommodations that I lived in over a total of seven years (in two stints) in France had amazing views over Lake Geneva, the Alps (and Mont Blanc) and the Jura.

21 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses with a View”

  1. All of these views are so absolutely gorgeous, Marina Sofia! They really do set you free, don’t they? And what lovely scenery, too (actually the rooms themselves are very nice, too!). My first choice is the one in New Zealand, but I like the Greek island view, too.

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