Friday Fun: If I had those home offices…

Working from home has not been as peaceful and productive as many of us imagined it would be while we were cursing our commute, but nevertheless many of us are now hoping that organisations are more open to a hybrid model of working. A couple of days at home every week would really make all the difference – and would certainly be a pleasure in any of the home offices below.

You can’t go wrong with ladders or spiral staircases, as we’ve established. From Wall Street Journal.
Even if you have long, awkwardly shaped rooms… But where do people get all these high ceilings from? From
For those who like it darker, more traditional, this comfy office with reading armchair and window seat has it all. From Pinterest.
But many of you might prefer an office (again, with ceiling height) with a view. It would require a LOT more bookcases, from my point of view, though. From Decoist.
This one has the shelves, but does it have the view? From
This one ticks both boxes: lots of shelves and lots of views! From Decoist.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: If I had those home offices…”

  1. Any of the light filled ones would be a delight! Sometime after trying to work out of our spare room (both of us!) we had our basement converted. It was wonderfully liberating after being so cramped but I still find it hard to come down here when the sun’s shining. I hope you can find a compromise that works for you when life returns to ‘normal’, Marina.

  2. I would get so distracted in those lovely offices, especially the ones with wonderful views. I’ve had to move my desk in my little home office so that it only faces the wall, not the window, otherwise I won’t get anything done!

  3. Any of those spacious ones with a view would suit me Marina – and would make a welcome change from my Eldest Child’s old bedroom (although I *have* positioned the desk in front of the window so I can see the garden with the squirrels and the jays going mad daily!!)

  4. All those books bother me. I have a few full libraries and continually buy books, so I’m a great believer in letting go of my books, passing them on to free libraries, to fairs, to other people so they can enjoy what I’ve enjoyed. Except that this year there haven’t been any, and I’m starting to get drowned out…. So the first two are an absolute nightmare to me, the third fine but with more light… and the fourth a total dream 🙂

  5. These are all such lovely places to work, think, and be productive, Marina Sofia! I could truly be satisfied in any of them, but I think my first choice would be the one from home-designing. Too much of a good view could be distracting for me… I might have chosen the last one, but I think it might be too crowded with some of your other commenters. 😉

  6. I really like the last one.

    Like you, I always wonder where people get these houses with high ceilings like this. Same question when I see mammoth furniture in stores, I wonder who has the space to buy them.

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