Friday Fun: Amazing Courtyards and Patios

Still here, still pretty much housebound, and no plans to travel too far afield. But who needs to, if they’ve got such wonderful courtyards in their own home? I hope they come complete with a gardener who knows what they are doing, because they can’t count on me to keep anything alive and pretty.

I’ve always craved a place to gather with friends outside on balmy summer evenings and tell stories. From
Courtyard in Mexico from Photo credit: Lorena Darquea.
Water features are so soothing, and I like the idea of having a swing as well. From
Another inside outside room from Arch Daily. Photo credit Denilson Machado.
Tunisian feel in this simple to replicate courtyard, from


8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Amazing Courtyards and Patios”

  1. Gorgeous photos. The Tunisian aesthetics are so appealing. These images have me thinking about how I can be more creative with the terraces we are so fortunate to have! Thank you.

  2. These are so beautiful, Marina Sofia! I love the idea of relaxing in them. I think the one I’d choose is the first one. Sitting there with a cup of something, having a chat or reading or something … how lovely!

  3. Lovely spaces.

    And yes to the gardener. My sister-in-law was on the prowl to find THE plant I would not make die. She found one. Don’t ask me how it’s named.

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