Friday Fun: Romantic Bedrooms

I’ll be honest: what is being flogged as romantic in most magazines or travel brochures makes my skin crawl: tacky decorations, lots of pink and red, a bathtub at the foot of your bed (all the better to hear the gurgle of water draining, see a spider crawling out of the plughole and have to choose between romance of scum residue or scrubbing the bathtub immediately after use). So I’ve had to create my own definitions of romance.

It might get too hot in summer, but a bed in a greenhouse is the perfect place for reading. From
A treehouse is also a great option, although you might have to fight the bugs for bed occupancy. From
Great views and lots of soothing greenery with this day bed. Plus, who can resist a feline friend? From
OK, mood lighting can enhance romance, they’re right about one thing, but I think the view and the sound of waves might also be helpful. From
It’s all about the view in this one as well. From
However, the most romantic bedrooms, to my mind, are the ones where you also have a comfortable reading chair and plenty of books to hand. From

16 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Romantic Bedrooms”

    1. I’m quite fussy about light peeking in as well. I don’t know why proper blinds on the outside are not a feature in English homes. Blackout curtains are just not good enough.

    1. I have a passion for treehouses as well. I had several Friday Fun posts dedicated especially to them (but have taken a lot of old pictures down for storage space reasons).

  1. I’m with you, Marina Sofia! The more common definition of ‘romantic bedroom’ just doesn’t work for me at all. But I’ll gladly move into that last bedroom – the one from homedesignlover. I know that last one might be popular among your commenters, but….

  2. Absolutely in agreement – all that pink frilliness is a turn-off. And as for a bath at the end of the bed – WHY??? Madness… But all of these are lovely, and romantic in their different ways – I couldn’t choose…

  3. Hmm, I can imagine just one or two nights at most in over half of these, the modernity of Nos 4 and 5 just suggest generic hotel rooms with wdescreen videos of the sea on a loop. The first, interestingly enough, is very much like the garden room I helped build in a previous residence where the better half liked to have an afternoon snooze in a hammock. But No 6 is somewhere to linger, is it not?

  4. The ones by the sea are my favorite.
    I think you’d have to share too much of the room with spiders in greenhouse one.
    (loved your introduction, btw)

  5. I don’t like bugs nor too many books in a bedroom, so the 2 bedrooms I like best. I went to their website which has the wildest – in some cases attractive – furniture…wow!

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