Friday Fun: Just Sitting and Watching the World Go By

I admitted in my Inside and Out book tag that I don’t actually read all that much outdoors. However, if I had a beautiful porch, deck, terrace, balcony or whatever you choose to call it, that would be my favourite indoor/outdoor compromise for reading. (In fact, that’s exactly what I did back in the days when I visited family in Greece. Saved me having to listen to hours of gossip about people I didn’t know!) If you also add in a fabulous view… well, my inspiration might know no bounds.

A little read, a little chat, drinks at sunset. American mountain cabin, from
Modest balcony overlooking the St Croix river, Keller Architecture, George Heinrich photo.
Mountain lakes are my favourites to look at, not necessarily to swim in. From Georgiana Design on Tumblr.
A less basic seating experience, from
Coming back to Greece and my favourite island, Santorini. I really need to go back there soon, although probably not in such luxury, from

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Just Sitting and Watching the World Go By”

    1. Hope your wrist gets better soon – but yes, in the meantime, I would use it as an excuse to not do anything except read and contemplate nature!

    1. I think everybody stays out of the sun until early evening in Greece, so yes, you’d have to find a very comfortable chair for all that reading. The chaise-longue looks perfect though.

  1. Oh, these views are amazing! I prefer mountains and forests, so the first 4 pictures are definitely places where I would like to live (or at least spend a looong holiday / work from home period) 🙂

  2. Those are all beautiful places to set and read, Marina Sofia! And the scenery takes your breath away. Now, I could mostly see myself curling up at that mountain cabin – the first option. But the one in Santorini is quite tempting, too…

    1. Yes, perhaps we need shadier places in a heatwave. Mind you, all Greeks have shady terraces or places where they can have a siesta until it gets cool enough to venture outside…

  3. Makes me want to sit in all of these lovely spots! But I will settle for my deck in the morning, looking out at the flower beds I will then have to weed. Sigh. The plus side of gorgeous balconies you don’t own? You don’t own the weeds either:).

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