Friday Fun: White Sofas

In a galaxy far, far away, before I had children and cats, I used to have a white sofa and I followed a blue/turquoise and white colour scheme. Now I can but smile at the uncomfortable lifestyle of people with white sofas – they clearly don’t sit on them much! Although each of the rooms below has something that appeals to me, for once I will focus on their flaws (sour grapes, anyone?).

Very long white sofas are perfect for placing all your guests in a row to admire the view. From
If you can get them to turn their backs on the view, you might even have a conversation. From
Maybe don’t paint your walls and shelves the exact shame shade as your sofa, or you may find it becomes invisible. From
Perfect symmetry at a distance – for those strained family conversations. From Elle Decor.
You can get away with anything when you have a window and a view like that. From
No words! Just, wow, just the place to feel cosy when you are on your own. From

19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: White Sofas”

  1. Any of the interiors and views would do (although I agree the last one is very stunning). But no – never white sofas. If you’ve ever had kids or pets or red wine or spaghetti sauce in your house, it would be madness….

  2. We have a cream sofa, persuaded by our friendly upholsterer, who recovered the original print for us, that treated with the right proofing it would withstand all sorts of stains. Over twelve years and two cats later, not too mention chocolate, coffee and wine spillages, I can tell you he was right. Not at stain in sight!

    1. I was about to change our disintegrating black faux leather sofa… but then our dear old Barney starting peeing on it (cat, not son, I hasten to clarify). So… it will have to wait for a bit longer.

  3. Some of these do look gorgeous, Marina Sofia. But there is no way a white sofa would survive in my home. Not with my two canine overlords! I love the room from iping, though. That view is die for!

  4. The trick with white sofas, even off-white, is to eschew children and pets — though that’s not an option for many! We have two sets of covers, so one can be washed while the other is in use. Alternatively … invest in some tough sofa throws.

  5. Gorgeous pictures, as always. It feels like you’d need sunglasses to live in the third house.

    We have a leather white sofa and reading armchairs and everything’s fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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