Friday Fun: Comfort or Beauty?

Some of the interior design sites or magazines show me rooms which seem really attractive at first sight, until I think about how uncomfortable or downright dangerous it might be to live there and use them daily. Still, these Friday Fun posts are all about dreaming and escapism, so let’s not be too rational, shall we?

I love the idea of high ceilings and mezzanine floors, but imagine climbing down that ladder before you’ve had your morning coffee! From
Still, that ladder looked positively sturdy compared to these glamorous stairs. From
Final mezzanine entry for the day – beautiful first impression, but my knees would protest after a while. Froom
Having had marble floors in a rental property, I can tell you it’s the most dangerous thing known to humans if a drop of water or a child’s marble falls on the floor. Photo credit Assassi Productions, from
Nice view from the bathtub, but also nice view into the bathtub! Kaa Design, Pamela Smith Interiors.
This picture looks perfect, you’ll say, what could possibly be wrong with it? Well, my parents have a dining table with benches instead of chairs and I can tell you your back will kill you after a while. Eco-friendly home in Mexico from

17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Comfort or Beauty?”

  1. The other thing about those long dining room benches is that, if they aren’t very well-made, someone getting off one end of the bench can send it up in the air like a seesaw and pitch the other occupant onto the floor – I speak from painful experience!

  2. I love those mezzanines – but how tidy would you have to be??? There’s never enough storage in this glamorous, minimalist places. That bathroom, though. I would love that. Except I only ever shower. Maybe I’d make an exception for that bath.

  3. These all look absolutely beautiful, Marina Sofia! But every time I think about it, I can see just how easily it could all get very dangerous. Hmm……I’d rather err on the side of comfort/safety (although I must say, those lofts look great!

  4. Omigod. The rooms are beautiful; the upstairs loft with bed, chair, window, especially. But all of those stairs look treacherous. I speak as one who fell on stairs and broke my femur, and who often trips on them. I’d have to have a staircase which isn’t steep or narrow and has railings on both sides. Or an electric attachment that moves a chair up and down the stairs. Broken bones are very easy to get, especially as one ages. So I’ll look, but not visit.

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