Friday Fun: Book Corner Ideas

The nights are drawing in, even though I’m still in denial. So it’s time to start thinking of creating cosy spaces around the house where you can read, gather all your books and forget about the rest of the world.

Fairytale light from these gorgeous windows, from
Room for books and a beautiful green screen outside, from
Of course you’d need some bookshelves nearby, but this looks cosy. from
I realise these are all some form of window seats, but that gives you the perfect combination of light, view and reading. From Pinterest.
Winter is not quite here yet, but being near the fireplace will be appealing soon, from
An enchanting combination of reading outside while staying warm, which will work for the next month or so. From Instagram.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Book Corner Ideas”

  1. I’ve recently went on holiday to a cabin in Romania (Suceava area) where there was a reading reading corner similar to the one in the 5th picture (without the fireplace). I could’ve stayed there for hours and hours, it’s such a comfortable place to read! ❤

  2. The important thing is to have a view of the garden. At the moment my view is of a fence literally covered in scented white jasmine, and it is just divine. I wait for it all year, and it only lasts for a few weeks and then it’s just an ordinary green vine, but I am so lucky to have it.

    1. That sounds absolutely beautiful. A neighbour here has a magnolia tree which is bliss for about 1-2 weeks and then boring for the rest of the year, but I think those 2 weeks are worth it…

      1. I love magnolias, there are heaps of them in my neighbourhood. But it’s the scent of jasmine that’s so special when it wafts over the garden at this time of the year.

  3. Oh, these are all so beautiful, Marina Sofia! Just so peaceful and lovely and, well, perfect for settling in with a book. My choice would be the one from Pinterest, but they’re all fabulous.

  4. Oh, sign, I look out at red bricks and a seven-floor penthouse/garage combination. I like the top one with the lovely windows and teal day bed with pillows. I could like the third one, too.

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