Friday Fun: ‘Twas a light…

… that made darkness itself appear a thing of comfort. (Robert Southey)

I dislike and fear the dark winter months, but luckily, working from home means I can go out for a brisk walk at lunchtime and actually see some light outdoors. For my escapist images, I chose the wonderful play of light and shadow inside houses.

What a hallway, with light coming from all sides, from Pinterest
Now this is a bath I could spend hours in… from
Speaking of scenic and light-filled bathrooms, this Japanese-style bathtub in a Brazilian home has me dreaming, from
The interplay of light and plants intrigues me in this Asian house from
Just imagine waking up to this every morning, from Curious Doodle.
It doesn’t always have to be bright: the shadow patterns are fascinating too, in this office entryway from Marie Claire blog.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: ‘Twas a light…”

  1. I hate the lack of light in winter too. This year I feel even more trepidatious. I keep reminding myself its not forever!

    That living wall is amazing, I’ve generally only seen outdoor ones, I’d love to live with one!

  2. All gorgeous! I share your feelings about the loss of light. I can cope with dry sunny winters but dread wet ones. I read a piece in the Guardian last week about the Norwegian approach to winter which included the adadge ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing’. Trying to hang on to that idea!

  3. I normally enjoy the dark winter days because I see them as an excuse to hunker down with a blanket, a hot chocolate, and a great book or film. This year I am nervous because going for an early morning walk every day has been a big part of how I’ve coped with The Situation. But there will still be books and blankets, so I’m going to stay focused on that!

    I love the living wall in that picture – one day I am going to live somewhere with a kitchen bright enough for a living wall full of fresh herbs, and it will be wonderful.

  4. Oh, these are beautiful, Marina Sofia! I think my escapist choice would be the Asian home with those lovely bookshelves. But they’re all gorgeous. I don’t mind the dark of winter, but I know a lot of people who do. In fact, when we lived on the East Coast and in the Midwest, we used a full-spectrum light in my daughter’s bedroom, because she was light-sensitive.

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