Friday Fun: More Houses with Views

Only three more years before I can start thinking about moving, although I doubt that I’ll be able to afford a house with such heavenly views as the ones below…

Bedroom view in Colorado, from
Brazilian house, from
What about watching the sunset from this balcony in Kenya, from CN Traveler.
You too can have this Swiss view on AirBnB, in the Bernese Oberland.
If you’re already looking forward to ski season, this Colorado cabin looks perfect, from
Just in case you think I am biased about mountain views, here is a sea view, from

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: More Houses with Views”

  1. I’m lucky enough to hae gorgeous views of Bath from my kitchen window – people who live in the Royal Creascent pay a lot more to look at me than I do to look at them! Can’t help hankering after a mountain view though and might have thought about tracking down that Swiss AirBnB in happier times.

    1. That is funny, isn’t it, how you get a better view than the people living in swanky places. Same with the favelas in Rio! (Not that you live in a favela of course, apologies, etc. etc.)

    1. Having lived with a pretty good view (albeit you had to crane your neck a bit and lean a LOT out of the window to see it), I can say that I never became immune to the beauty. Luckily, quite a lot of the time, it was covered in clouds. But when it all became clear after a rainy day, I would always have to catch my breath and bless my luck for living in such a wonderful location!

  2. I have a lovely view from my balcony – it was more-or-less what sold me the flat, as both times I came to see it, there was a glorious sunset over the hill – but it doesn’t really compare to any of these! I think it would be that gorgeous snowy cabin in Colorado for me.

    1. That sounds lovely. I have to admit I was spoilt during my 7 years in France – had a view of Mont Blanc and the Alps from one side, and the Jura Mountains on the other side. I could cry when I remember the bliss!

  3. Oh, these are all just heavenly views, Marina Sofia! I could live in any one of those places; I really could. If forced, I’d choose the one in Colorado – the first one, not the ski one. I’ve been to Colorado, and it’s just as breathtaking as it looks from the ‘photos.

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