Friday Fun: Life at the Top

What would life be like if you had high enough ceilings to fit in a mezzanine? Here are some suggestions of how to go about planning and decorating.

Industrial loft decor, room enough for a bike without tripping over it, from
A 1950s vibe to this decor, dog not included though! From
This one seems to stretch over several floors – and we have books at last! From Wit and Whistle.
This feels more down to earth – and of course we have books and clutter too. From
As long as everyone keeps really quiet around the house, I could live with a mezzanine study. From
But my Prize of the Week goes to this cabin in the woods in Poland, which is a reader’s paradise. From

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Life at the Top”

  1. How anyone can live with that portrait in the second one is beyond me – it’s really distressing! Maybe the dog would calm me down…

    Unsurprisingly, my vote goes to the bookish ones – imagine being shut away in that cabin – bliss!

  2. Oh, these are really lovely, Marina Sofia! And such an effective use of the space. I hear the siren song of the books calling, and would probably go with the one from Wit and Whistle. But they’re all appealing.

  3. OMG yes! In fact, we almost bought an apartment with a mezzanine, but to get any real use out of it, we would have had to do some major construction to break through a wall and make another room that wouldn’t have been as exposed. Like, in the picture, where there looks like there’s an entrance to a room in the niche on the right hand side of the railing. Sadly, someone out bid us…

  4. I like the Doris Leslie Blau upstairs with books and a sturdy staircase with bannister. It’s got everything I would look for and is cozy.

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