Friday Fun: You Don’t Need a Palace…

I’ve often said I don’t need much more than a little cabin or hut to house myself once the boys leave home. Although I might need another cabin or two just to house the books…

All you need in one small parcel, from
A rather classy, high-end vision of the cabin, with amazing windows. From
It clearly doesn’t work for a couple (actually, for a single person with an occasional guest), but everything is neat and has its place. From
An old barn feel to this tiny, but practical cabin – it even has a fire extinguisher! From
Finally one that satisfies my book cravings… from

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: You Don’t Need a Palace…”

  1. I do like the fact that these have a mezzanine level (or at least a gesture towards a platform) for a bed, somewhere to snuggle in with a book or twelve. My only anxiety with number two is the apparent lack of window blinds / shutters / curtains to shield one’s modesty from the passing stranger / axe murderer…

  2. These all look delightful, Marina Sofia! They certainly show that you don’t need a lot of space to create a beautiful home. The last one, with all of that space for books, really appeals to me, but I have the feeling I might have some stiff competition for it… So I’ll go with the second one – I love that two-level layout and that view. Of course, Calmgrove is right that it would need window blinds or something for privacy, but still…

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