Friday Fun: Industrial Look Can Be Beautiful

When I was investigating tiny houses, I came across shipping container homes, which I thought sounded dreadful, but which in fact can be transformed into highly imaginative and attractive residences. So here are some shipping container and other industrial-look homes (and all still quite small).

Perfect little abode in the forest,
A guesthouse from shipping containers to add to your pile of old stones, from Studio Architecture Rennes.
Utterly dreamy black pavillion, although I can imagine it might become a bit too hot in summer. from
Danish summer house, from
Writer’s retreat at False Bay, Washington State, designed by Olson Kundig. From Small House Bliss.
And when you leave, you can just close up your cabin like a box – isn’t that perfect? Same credits as above.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Industrial Look Can Be Beautiful”

  1. Very cool! I remember watching a Grand Designs on a shipping container build once, really interesting to check out the considerations. And this makes for a fun Friday post!

    1. I bet there’s a lot of work involved with getting it properly insulated, mains connected etc. But I’ve often seen it touted as a good solution for homelessness or for temporary refugee accommodation – so it’s interesting to discover that it can be very comfortable and upmarket.

  2. I love the clean lines of the industrial look, Marina Sofia. I suppose I’m a minimalist at heart. These are all beautiful, but I think my choice would be that guesthouse.

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